Fraser Stewart is an artist lives and works in Amsterdam. He has a BA hon’s First class from Leeds Met School for Contemporary Art, A Masters in Artistic Research from The Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. He has also completed a two year Artist in Residence from the prestigious Rijksakademie Amsterdam, (equivalent to postmaster study). He shows his work at artist run spaces, galleries, art fairs and sporadically in Public spaces. He has collaborted for the past few years with art run space W139 in Amsterdam. He often collaborates with artist label All Together Now, in Rotterdam but also forms long time collaborations with interesting art spaces and galleries

The themes I am exploring

The theme of my art practice, often involve failure as a key element. Failure is key to the way western capitalism works, success at any cost. Through failure I and my audience can look at this element of western economics. They center around elements of potentiality in both objects and narratives to be transformed through a approach that adopts  failure as a power equal to success. Through experiments in combining diverse mediums and materials new narratives are merged into new forms. I reference the concept of planned obsolescence, products intentionally designed to breakdown and fail. This could also be like meaning and cultural references, that have the possibility to shift, transform or disappear altogether. My work conveys various meaning and messages which when combined propose a way to perform tension and excite a audience to consider the strength of failure on their day to day life.

My process

My artwork, sculpture, films, installations, photographs and prints come from a desire to mix the tragic and the humoristic. I am in constant search of a new obsession, to be gripped by and to learn inside out. Stemming from a performative mode of thinking where techniques are viewed as methods to be re interpreted. I am not limited to the boundaries of a given medium but find energy in being amateuristic in all mediums and experimenting when traditional techniques are given a new approach. I consider myself a committed dilettante.

I began by making performances such as falling out of the ceiling or having my long hair dipped in paint and being used as a paintbrush in an action painting.  Recently I have began to work in a more sculptural mode, integrating ceramics with performance, film and video, photography and Printmaking to form installations. I am searching for ways to combine forms and mediums in order to give commentary on the ways I see the society we live in.


This is my place, Kunst Kammers Rotterdam