About This Project

In his recent research at Het Lage Noorden, Stewart takes a holistic approach by integrating Earthships and Rocket Mass Heaters, reflecting a commitment to sustainable living and offering tangible solutions for a more eco-friendly future. This exploration aligns seamlessly with his broader themes, where the finite nature of materials converges with the transformative potential of objects. Through the replication and mutation of everyday items, like axes and motorbike helmets in ceramics, Stewart redirects their practical and potentially menacing power to a symbolic level, challenging and reshaping established meanings.

The artist’s residency period at Het Lage Noorden becomes a dynamic platform for Stewart to delve deeper into his inquiries, providing him with the time, space, and resources to further develop his transformative narratives and continue pushing the boundaries of his multi-faceted artistic practice. As he navigates through the residency, one can anticipate a rich interplay of mediums and concepts, each contributing to the ongoing discourse on failure, success, and the societal landscapes we inhabit.