Skid Lid, 2016, Ceramic

Art, ceramics
About This Project

SKID LID, (series), ceramics, 40 x 40 x 40 cm (13 x), 2016

 Skid lid is a one of a continued series of objects, made in the medium of ceramics. Each form a fiction around the meaning and symbolic nature of everyday objects. Motor bike helmets are a mass produced object but are adapted and used for both keeping a rider safe but also can be used to disguise one’s identity. Like masks they can also present the user’s desired presentation to others. In this case the idea that these helmets can protect a wearer is contrasted to the material it is constructed from, creating the paradox of those around the object having to be weary for the safety of the artwork.

These helmets are made of ceramics and glazed. They are displayed in a row, slowly revealing how fragile they really are.